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outdoor champs 2018Sway Bowmen recently held their 30th annual Club Outdoor Championships at our Club field in Sway. 36 archers took part this year on a breezy but dry day. It was good to see a number of new archers taking part having joined the Club earlier this year. There was also a very good turnout of Junior archers all producing good scores in what was for most of them their first competition.

The rounds shot were St George, Albion, Windsor, Short Windsor and Junior Windsor, with 3 dozen arrows at each of 3 distances from 100 yards to 20 yards, totaling 9 dozen arrows for each archer. A good cross section of distances to give all archers including Juniors a good chance.

Our Lord Patron this year was club member Adrian Jones, Karen Fountaine was our Judge and Field Captain and the event was superbly organised and run by Jem Mason. The Club thanks them all for their hard work.

The main results;

Ladies recurve, First, Karen Fountaine with 564 points. Second, Yvonne John with 471 points. Third, Jaymi Vine with 428 points.
Ladies longbow, First, Sandie Baigent with 274 points.
Ladies barebow, First, Heather Tarbard with 673 points.
Gents recurve, First, Dave Edmondson with 683 points. Second, Steve Humphrey with 594 points. Third, Matt Cooper with 483 points.
Junior Ladies recurve, First, Imogen Clarke with 724 points. Second, Erin Marston with 613 points. (24 golds) Third, Ophelia Clarke with 613 points ( 19 golds)
Junior Gents recurve, First, Isaac Johnson with 643 points.
Senior handicapped awards, !st Katy Harrald, 1585 points. 2nd, Ian Marston, 1569 points, 3rd, Mike Lee, 1503 points.
Junior handicapped awards, 1st Ophelia Clarke, 1654 points. 2nd Isaac Johnson, 1569 points. 3rd Faith Vine, 1505 points.

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