Sway Bowmen Membership Fees (2024-2025)

Until now the yearly club fees have been collected in March and the Affiliation fees (GNAS,HAA,SCAS) in September. After discussion and consideration by the committee and to reduce the level of administration required to manage subscription collection, it has been decided to align both payments for collection in September.

Subject to approval at the AGM:

  • Both subscriptions will now become due at the end of September.
  • Your committee proposes an increase in fees to £115 for seniors, students remain at £50, juniors £40, juniors with parent £17, £12 and £5 - unchanged from last year.
  • For this coming year only, to cover the period April to September the committee have approved a discounted sum of £35 for seniors, with no fee due for students or juniors.

To renew your club membership, pdfMembership Renewal Form and return it to the treasurer with your fees (see 'Ways to Pay' at the bottom of this page). You can also pay on-line, Click here for details

pdfApplication form for new members 

Affiliation Fees

The second part of your annual fees are paid to our governing body, Archery GB, (for insurance, monthly magazine etc) the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS), who look after archery in the south east, and the Hampshire Archery Association (HAA). These fees are paid in September.



  Archery GB SCAS/HAA Total
Senior 25+ £50.00 £7.00 £57.00
Senior 18-24 £13.00 £6.00 £19.00
Junior £13.00 £3.50 £15.50
Archer with disability £13.00 £6.00 £19.00



Archery GB Full Year Sept-Sept  April-June pro-rata
July-Sept pro-rata
£53 £27 £14
Senior 18-24
£17 £9 £6
Junior £17 £9 £6
Archer with disability
£17 £9 £6
HAA/SCAS - No fees charged part way through the first year.

 Please note AGB charge a slightly different fee for new starters than for existing members. I am not sure why this is but assume it is the extra work involved in adding archers to their database for the first time.

Ways to pay

  • Place a cheque, payable to Sway Bowmen in an envelope (with your details) in the Clubhouse
  • Directly to Club bank account  Sway Bowmen  Sort code 30 95 32  Account number  00265141
     If you do so please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know.
  • You can also pay on-line by credit card or PayPal on this website.  Click Here for details.
Please arrange your payment for AGB/SCAS/HAA fees to arrive with the treasurer BEFORE 15th September, this will give us time to properly complete all necessary paperwork for Archery GB and HAA
Please note because of insurance limitations you cannot shoot at either the Club or any other competitions after 1st October until your fees are paid.

Membership Fees

Note that the fees shown are subject to approval at the AGM.

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