12 archers turned out on a grey but dry Sunday morning to shoot the 2017 Knockout tournament which is a handicap based event.

There were two awards available.

The Knockout Trophy which is a Silver arrow on a pedestal base and a Silver Plate which is awarded to the runner up.

All archers shoot at 30mtr. 

The 1st round is best of 3.     Names were drawn  from a hat and the pair shoot against each other.

After each dozen the actual score is added to an allowance relating to the archers handicap. This adjusted score will determine the winner.

The winner of round 1 continues to shoot for the Trophy, the runner up then shoots for the Plate.

All subsequent matches are sudden death.


There were some very close matches, sometimes, only one point separated the two archers as you can see from the flo charts.

Maggie Humphrey won the Trophy after a tough battle against Erin Marston.   Both archers scored 135.    with 1 gold each it went to a single arrow shoot off.  Best Gold wins. 


A similar battle was fought for the Plate with Clive winning over Kenny by one point.


Well done everyone.

2017 Knockout Flochart - The TROPHY.pdf

2017 Knockout Flochart - The Plate.pdf

20171001_123322 (2).jpg20171001_123205 (2).jpg


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