New Classifications

As you are probably aware, Archery GB have overhauled the entire classification/handicap system.

Outdoor handicaps and classifications earnt before January 1st 2023 have been archived (but don't worry, any classifications earnt last year will still be awarded).

The new tables that tell you what you need to shoot can be found here:

(This information will eventually be in the relevant bit of our website too but our website guru is currently snowed under with work - your patience is appreciated!)

The highlights are this: Archer 1st, 2nd and 3rd class can be gained by the normal process i.e. shoot and record a score in practice or target day sessions, get it signed by your witness and send it in to the records officer.  Once rounds totalling 12 dozen arrows at the correct distance and meeting the required score are received you will get your shiny badge.

The new part of the classifications is that it is now possible to attain a 1st, 2nd and 3rd class Bowman. To attain this you need to shoot 18 dozen arrows meeting slightly stricter (Target day) criteria:

  • The session should have been offered in advance to anyone wanting to attend. For most people this will be a 'Whatsapp' message saying 'we will be shooting on this day, at this time...' For those who are not part of the Whatsapp group, you can contact a friend who is, or the admins (Jem Mason, Jo Long and Bob Hughes) who will ensure your message is communicated to the group.
  • You must have a minimum of three people present at the shoot.
  • You must all shoot a round from the same group of rounds e.g. one might shoot a long Western, and two an ordinary Western
  • You must apply rules around practice and scoring as if it were a competition.

For the elite archers there are also Master Bowman, Grand Master Bowman and Elite Master Bowman. These require 36 dozen arrows shot in competitions with either UK or World Record status.

Indoor League Round 12 (28/02/2023)

Twenty-one archers submitted scores for a Worcester Round. Great fun, but not necessarily the scores we were looking for. Well done to Roisheen Sweeney for being the only person in the room to surpass their handicap this week (by 3 points).

With no performance points being awarded, league standings are largely unchanged, see them here.

We have one practice night (7th March) and one league night (14th March) left. Still chance for it all to change. Divisional prizes will be awarded at the club AGM on Monday 20th March 7.30pm at Sway Village Hall.


Indoor League Round 11 (21/02/2023)

Another good showing for Tuesday night, 26 archers attended to shoot a Bray I round.

Once again some really good scores being posted, with Darren Firth, Jodie Green, Amanda Rios and Roisheen Sweeney all improving on their handicap. Honours of the night must go to Ben Mason who shot a score of 228. A personal best which overshot his handicap by 66 points, earning him 16 performance points in the league and making a late challenge for the top of Division 3.

Latest standings can be found here 

Only two league nights (and one practice) left. Coming Tuesday night is a Worcester Round, so remember you will need 5 arrows. For those who can't remember, a Worcester is this one.....

worcester target

See you Tuesday!    All members welcome, even if it's your first time.

Indoor League - Round 10 (14/02/2023)

CupidLast Tuesday was St. Valentine's night and 15 archers arrived to romance the targets. There was music, there were chocolates and most importantly a Bray II round to be shot. Once again we moved our shooting line (this time to 25 yards) and were able to enjoy a round we haven't shot indoors in a long time.

There were plenty of points available for the winter league with the usual attendance and performance points. There was also an additional bonus point if you could land an arrow in the heart drawn on each target face at least once in the session.

Standings after Round 10 are here. Round 11 on Tues Feb 21st, we are back to shooting a Bray I. All members welcome 6:45pm.