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The other users of the field

George took these great photos of the other group that we share the field with.

Red Deer in the field

Stag resting in the grass alongside the field

Sway Manor Shoot 2006

There were 22 people who shot at Sway Manor this year on a very hot day. The numbers worked out well with 11 of our experienced archers and 11 new members. Names were drawn and each experienced archer was paired with a new member.

Daniel and Tipper were this years winners. Our President Shirley Gulliver presented them with the trophy.

Many thatks to everyone who helped with all the equipment.

2006 Friendship Shoot

The weather for this years Friendship Shoot was fantastic.

2006 Friendship Shoot

The winners were Olivia and Steve Humphrey. Well Olivia did all the shooting and Steve was messing around in the background somewhere.

Olivia and Steve receive the Friendship Trophy from Shirly Gulliver

Olivia and Steve receive the Friendship Trophy from Shirly Gulliver.

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