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Juniors Outdoor Sessions - Summer 2006

The outdoor session days for Juniors are: Wednesdays - between 6:30 and 8:00 pm Saturdays - between 10:00 and 12:00 am. Please arrive 15 minutes early to help set up the field. Coaches will be in attendance on the Saturdays.

Archery recieves £2m London 2012 windfall

Archery has been given an £2-million bonus as part of UK Sport's £65.3m hand out to Olympic sports. Summer Olympic sports are to receive an extra £58.8m up to 2008 and summer Paralympic sports will get £6.5m. It means all Olympic sports other than football and tennis will receive at least £465,000 a year. UK Sport will "review progress" after the 2008 Beijing Olympics before deciding how funds will be allocated in the four years up to 2012. The money is part of the extra £300m that Chancellor Gordon Brown promised British sport in the run-up to London 2012 in his March Budget. Click here for the full story on the GNAS website.

Club Evenings

Thursday evenings are Club Evenings. These provide an opportunity for all club members to meet and shoot in an informal and enjoyable environment. Targets are set up at 6:00 for 6:30.

Junior Field Shoot



The juniors had a geat day at the club's field archery course in Sway. The weather was a bit cool but it stayed dry and everyone enjoyed themselves. There was some good shooting with many of the juniors shooting barebow. George showed them how to do it George shows how its done

Guess who was the only person to lose an arrow? Here are a few pictures:


New Sway Bowmen Club House