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Trevor and Ali on top form

Trevor and Ali were both on top form at last month's annual get together of the prestigious and exclusive Royal Toxophilite Society. Trevor came first, scoring a personal best, while Ali came second.

Saturday 2nd September: No Shooting

Please note that there will NOT be a supervised shooting session on Saturday morning, 2nd September. Juniors can only shoot if accompanied by a shooting adult who is an established member of the Club. This is to allow the Club to prepare for the Field Shoot on Saturday afternoon.

Fun Shoot 2006

The Sway Bowmen annual Fun Shoot was held on Saturday 22nd July. In spite of a thunderstorm and rain that continued almost up to the starting whistle, members of Sway Bowmen and their friends managed to enjoy a wondeful and dry afternoon of archery that did not conform in the least to GNAS rules, or indeed to the rules of any known archery society. Alix won the Fun Shoot seniors' prize, while Olivia won the Juniors' prize. David did a superb job as Field Captain - he was called upon to adjudicate on several 'near' misses and 'line cutters' - a role that taxed to the utmost his "you're havin a laugh aren't you?" style of diplomacy. During the afternoon, Geoff and Shirley stoked the BBQ so that the ravenous competitors found hot dogs and burgers ready for eating when they'd finished the shoot. As they say: "a good day was had by all".

(L) It's Gary's birthday! (but not his arrow).

(L) It's Gary's birthday! (but not his arrow through the bottle). (R) Dan showing everyone how it's done

Pete (aka Nureyev)

Pete (from now on to be known as 'Nureyev')


Proof that Simon held a bow. Shame no one gave him an arrow. Shirley

Shirley demonstrating the serious business of making a hot dog. Geoff, Simon & Olivia

(L) Geoff deploying his actuarial skills on a pile of unsuspecting burgers.

(R) Olivia, walking away with yet another Club prize.

The other users of the field

George took these great photos of the other group that we share the field with.

Red Deer in the field

Stag resting in the grass alongside the field


New Sway Bowmen Club House