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Results of the Vegas Round shot on 9-12-2006

Gents Recurve     Ladies Recurve  
Trevor Smith 538   Sandie Baigent 441
Steve Humphrey 483   Irene Page 351
Peter Webb 471   Alison Smith 348
Dave Stokes 459   Diane Croot 159
Ian Flemming 358   Julie Towers 159
Barry Croot 340   Margaret Askew 156
Alan Dixon 332      
Alex Askew 274      
Steve Towers 200      
Steve Piggott 101      
Junior Gent     Junior Lady  
Michael Hopkins 149   Olivia Humphrey 71
Robert Humphrey 33   Stevie Anderson 37

Stolen Archery Equipment

Dear All, I would be grateful for your assistance in putting the announcement below on your website and informing your members by others means if appropriate. Hopefully by spreading the word we may be able to trace these items and prevent injury or worse. "Four compound bows and some arrows were stolen from South Wilts AC on the afternoon of Friday 1 Dec 06. Two of the bows were Mathews Genesis 20 lb training bows. One is right handed in red without a sight; the other is left handed in purple with a sight (similar to a Cartel Junior); both have markings on them specific to SWAC. The third bow is 36lb RH compound using York laminated limbs and hoyt energy cams. The riser is of solid design and is dark red / black. It has 'tear drop' string/cable connectors and no sight. The fourth bow is a Barnett Crusader RH 40lb in blue fitted with a blue Cartel sight. Again this bow has identification markings on it. We are concerned that these bows may be in the hands of people with no knowledge or experience of such equipment with the consequent risk of injury to people or animals. If anyone hears of or sees any of these items, please let me know. Alan White, Chairman - 0780 357 1257." I have also sent the announcement to SCAS & HAA as well as our own region, county & some clubs. Thank you in anticipation. Alan White, Chairman SWAC

Results of the Worcester Shoot 25-22-2006

Ladies Recurve     Gents Recurve  
Irene Page 233   Trevor Smith 283
Alison Smith 227   Steve Humphrey 269
Sandie Baigent 221   Peter Webb 265
Julie Towers 194   David Collier 263
Diane Croot 137   Ian Fleming 213
Diane Watts 114   Alan Dixon 210
      Steve Towers 197
Junior Lady     David Watts 150
Shona Watts 81   Steve Piggott 121
Stevie Anderson 29   Barry Croot 108
Olivia Humphrey 27   Martin Jones retd
Annie Humphrey 24      
Rebecca Jones retd   Gents Compound  
      Nick Burnay 292
      Junior Gent  
      Robert Humphrey 77
      Aiden Watts 48
Steve Humphreys (Won by a close cough!)

3-Way Inter Club Shoot - 12 Nov 2006

We had a good day for the first of this year's 3-Way Shoots. A copy of the results can be found by clicking here. The next shoot is at Southampton Archery Club's grounds near Eastleigh Airport on 10th December.

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