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Halloween Shoot 2006

In spite of dire predictions of horrendous weather, twenty three archers turned up at the Club grounds on Saturday 28th October for the Club's Halloween / Samhain shoot. Luckily the rain held back as the archers braved the task of clearing the field of ghouls and ghosts (in the shape of specially painted targets) for the winter. It was a hard shoot in which being careful to avoid some parts of the target was just as important as hitting the 'kill' zones. Everyone shot barebow, so it was perhaps not surprising that William came tops with a score of 102. Not to be outdone, Jamie tried to equal Will's score, but in negative numbers. With a score of -73 he wasn't far off. The shoot concluded with the shooting of fire arrows to light a small bonfire. Due to the organiser's overcautiousness the fire arrows were not as spectacular as might have been (and the bonfire needed much coaxing before getting going) - so this is something that will be better next year. The evening was rounded off with snacks, toasted marshmallows and mulled 'wine'.

Richard and Jamie

Jamie and Richard seeing off a couple of unfriendly spectres.

Robert doing a passable impression of a ghoul.

Olivia with 'friend'

2006 Club Championships

Apart from a bit of rain to dampen down the BBQ, we had a fantastic day for the Club Championships. There was a good turnout with many of this years beginners shooting in their first tournament.

Click here for a copy of the results

Getting ready for the start whistle. Getting set up at the start of the shoot

I wonder if I have won anything? I wonder if I have won anything?

Irene presents our Lord Paramount with a memento of the day. Irene presents our Lord Paramount, Derek with a gift


Here is the latest thing in arrow finding. It works on wooden arrows as well - Shorty, the champion arrow finder.


Field Shoot 02 Sep: Update

Today's field shoot will take place as advertised. In view of the forecast of rain please make sure you dress appropriately - includng footwear suitable for walking over rough ground. Gathering point is at the Jubilee Fields Car Park, Sway at 2:00 pm sharp.

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