Vegas 13-11-2022

Well done to the fourteen archers who shot a Vegas round at Brockenhurst college this afternoon. Vegas 13 11 22

If you have never shot this round then you will not yet appreciate how challenging it can be. Take the smallest target face we shoot (40cm) remove the outer 5 rings leaving only the 6 to 10 zones to aim at and stand at 20 yards, that's tough. But not nearly tough just to add some jeopardy, there are three of these tiny targets close together and you have to shoot at them in the right order with three numbered arrows. If the wrong arrow goes in the wrong target it's a miss.

There were winter league points on offer today for those who could outperform their current handicap. Single bonus points for the league were also awarded for shooting a three-gold end in the first and second halves of the round.

Here are the results in order of adjusted score to show the best performers of the day....

Vegas Result 13 11 2022

A special well done to our Silver (Steve Dance) and Bronze (Hannah Diffey) archers who came in very close to handicap. The Gold bragging rights of the day go to Maisie Ovenden who not only shot a huge 90 points above handicap and bagged a whopping 22 league points but stunned onlookers with an "X 9 9" three-gold end to claim an extra bonus point.

Here's how the league is looking after this event click here. Handicaps will be updated immediately before the next round.

Look out for the next 'weekend extra' coming up on Sunday 11th December when we will be shooting a Portsmouth round. In the meantime, don't forget that Tuesday nights at Brockenhurst College are open to all members, it would be great to see you.


Indoor League 2022-23

The Winter League has undergone something of a refresh. We have been shooting the previous format for a number of years because it was dependent11 Winter League Icon upon the way we as a club managed indoor records and handicaps. The great work our records officer (Bob Hughes) has done to transfer all of our club recording to a cloud based system with Golden Records means the league can now stand alone. So the possibilities are endless and this year we are piloting some new rounds and different methods of accruing league points. Details of the scheme for this year (including the schedule) can be found here

We have now completed the handicap setting phase and have shot three points-earning rounds. Take a look at the current standings to see who is at the top of the table. Don't worry if you are not listed yet, it's never too late to join. Any club member can turn up to an indoor session and start submitting scores to be added to the league unless they ask not to be. Standings after each round will be posted here.

273783463 2279514985523198 7688704294746665716 nIf you don't want to be part of the league that's fine, don't let it stop you from joining us to shoot. You can come along and submit scores without joining the league, or simply come and do some practice. On league nights we will be dedicating at least two lanes for non-league archers to practice on 60cm targets.

One thing that has not changed is that we will be awarding trophy shields to the divisional winners at the Club AGM in the last week of March along with the progress awards and the two coveted Junior/Senior GNAS medals for outdoor handicap improvement.

If you have any questions about the above please address them to the club Tournament Organiser (Jem Mason).

A Spook Shoot!

                   'The Attack of the Killer Pumpkins'

 There was panic in Sway today as hordes of genetically modified pumpkins rampaged across the countryside. 

These pumpkins produced a reaction fatal to humans - extreme frustration.

Luckily, a roving band of non-human heroes, impervious to 'the pumpkin effect', was on hand to take them on.

 compressed pic for news2


Compressed pic for news3


 compressed pic for news

 The ensuing battle was epic in it's proportions but all acquitted themselves well and finally the foe was defeated. 

The greatest warrior of the day was Oli Thomas, whose sharp-shooting skills proved particularly effective.

He was ably assisted by Stuart who was heard to say 'Oli, I am your Father', and Ian Mason who showed every sign of engaging ably with the darkside (barebow).

 Huge thanks, as ever, to Jem Mason for the brilliant organisation and Field Captaining and to Ben Mason who helped with the target making. Looking up and down the line, people were laughing, dancing along to the music and whooping when hits were made. If the shoot's success were measured by 'size of grin' this one was an X (or, in keeping with the theme, a spider!)