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Shoot for Gold, August 2019

As those of you who were at the field yesterday evening will know I held the August draw followed by the September draw. To save confusion, this message only refers to the August draw the results of which are shown below. Ophelia Clarke, our youngest member, drew the balls.

GOLD (£25) ………………………………………………. Imogen Clarke (52)

RED (£15) …………………………………………………. Sonia Burton (34)

BLUE (£10) ……………………………………………….. Ophelia Clarke (48)

Congratulations to Imogen and Ophelia; this is an unprecedented situation where two sisters have won in the same month, and not only that, it was Ophelia’s first entry! Our Treasurer will send a cheque to your Mum shortly.

I hope this gives assurance and hope to everyone who is sceptical of the probability of winning a prize. It does happen and there have been several first time winners. So please join up if you have not already.

As ever

Clubhouse Funding - Great News

Hello to all - great news.

It's been confirmed today that Sport England will be supporting us with funds of £90,000. The following script is to appear in the A&T in early September, so watch out for the news item and take a look at what it's done to our thermometer on the website!!

And don't forget, whether it's £10, £20 or £40 it's dead easy to sponsor a plank.

thermometerSway Bowmen get great support from Sport England.

Sway Bowmen who are raising money for a new clubhouse have just had notice of a huge injection of funds from Sport England, who confirmed at the end of August that £90,000 has been awarded to the project, this brings the total of funds raised to  £107,424.

With further applications made for the balance of funding required to meet the £150,000 target, the club is now in a position to consider the start of the build process which is likely to commence in the new year.

Simon Curtis - club chairman, confirmed the news to the A&T and noted that the support from Sport England has been critical to the success of the project and will hopefully encourage others to make donations. " A new clubhouse is so important to the future health and development of the club; allowing us to grow and retain membership and at the same time offering secure, quality facilities which will allow members to be coached in the winter months and to have a proper meeting aand social facilities all year round in a comfortable environment."


Level 1 Coaching Course (starting Dec 2019)

Sway Bowmen in conjunction with Archery GB are providing a Level 1 Coaching Course:


Day 1 - Sunday 8th December 2019

Day 2 - Saturday 18th January 2020

Day 3 - Sunday 19th January 2020

Day 4 - Sunday 1st March 2020 (Assessment)


All sessions are 9am-5pm and are to be held at Boldre War Memorial Hall, Pilley, Lymington, SO41 5QG

Cost £245 (for the complete course and assessment)


For further details or an application form please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07957-837159.

More information about Level 1 can be found here Archery GB Guidance for Learners

Any members of Sway Bowmen who are interested in being sponsored by the club to attend, please speak to Jem, Roger or Steve.

Sway Bowmen White Rose Trophy 2019

White RoseTrophy and Gold medallists presented to Dave Edmondson and Yvonne John, by Ophelia ClarkeOn Sunday 7th July Sway Bowmen held their annual White Rose Tournament. This tournament for many years was held in the grounds of the White Rose Hotel in Sway village on the Sunday of the Sway Village Carnival week. As it was shot in the gardens it was necessarily a short distance round, so a Portsmouth round of 5 dozen arrows at 20 yards on to a 60cm target face was used.  When the White Rose changed hands some years ago now the shoot was moved to our archery field just outside the village.

This year 33 archers took part in good weather conditions. Medals were awarded to the top scorers in each category and the White Rose Trophy itself is contested by mixed pairs drawn on the day and posting the highest combined score.  Our thanks go to our Judge of the day Karen Fountaine and to our our hardworking tournament organiser Jem Mason.


Senior Ladies recurve.   

Gold,  score 480,  Karen Fountaine.

Silver,  score 478, Yvonne John.

Bronze,  score 389, Heather Garland,

Senior Ladies & Gents compound.  

Gold,   score 527,   Sid Daynes.

All Juniors.   

Gold,  score 426,  Bertie Mason.

Silver,  score  159,   Ophelia Clarke.

Bronze,  score 99,  Theo Horne.

Senior Gents recurve.   

Gold, score 544,  Dave Edmondson.

Silver,  score 532, Steve Humphrey.

Bronze,  score 510, Paul Wilby.

Senior Ladies & Gents Longbow & Barebow.   

Gold,  score 449,  Jo Long.

Silver,   score  429,  Bob Hughes.

Bronze,  score 400,  Mick Hayman.

White Rose Trophy. 

Gold medals and the White Rose Trophy, Yvonne John & Dave Edmondson combined score 1022.

Silver,  Sid Daynes & Jem Mason, combined score 1014.

Bronze,   Steve Hall & Bob Hughes.

Picture shows the winners of the White RoseTrophy and Gold medallists presented to;.  Dave Edmondson and Yvonne John, by Ophelia Clarke.


New Sway Bowmen Club House

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