Two weeks ago (has it really been that long …) on Sunday the 12th of May, twenty-one archers gathered for the annual Line Cutter Tournament. Remarkably, the sun was also in attendance and certainly made for a brighter morning

Archers had the choice of shooting a Long Metric I (70m/60m), II (60m/50m), III (50m/40m), or IV (40m/30m). Well done everyone who shot longer distances than usual. The Line Cutter is slightly different to usual shoots as your overall score doesn’t affect your chance of winning – it’s all in the arrows that cut the line! (For those who are interested in the overall scores, please see the orange-coloured table below).

The 2024 Champion, with a grand total of 18 line cutters, was Dave Errington. Congratulations! Joint second place went to Lizzie Proctor and Matt Cooper, both of whom had 16. For the full list of results, please see the blue table below.


Thank you very much to Hannah Diffey for organising the event!


line cutter results 24line cutter overall results