Sunday May 7th we gatheTrophyred for the annual Line-Cutter Tournament, shot in memory of a former member, Mavis North. This is one of a number of tournaments shot on an annual basis at the club.

All archers shot a close distance round, choosing between a Long-Metric IV or a Long-Metric V. As well as keeping score in the normal way, we also kept a tally of how many arrows landed on a line between two zones (a line-cutter). The overall winner being the archer with the highest tally after all 72 arrows have been shot.

Line-cutter glory, the Mavis North Trophy and some 'Way to Go' chocolate awaited our 2023 champion, Peter Yates with a tally of 13. Well done Peter on claiming your first trophy at the club, the first of many we hope.

As well as being a light-hearted competition, this was an opportunity for members to claim another milestone on our 'Metric Marathon' summer challenge. Submitted scores will also help archers achieve classification under the new Archery GB scheme launched this year and to start to build an outdoor handicap ahead of handicapped competitions later in the year.

Thanks to Hannah Diffey who was Tournament Organiser, Field Captain and Judge for the event. Great job Hannah!

Results are given below by Line-Cutter tally and Shot Score for each Bow type. If you would like to see more photos of the event go to the gallery here

By Line Cutter

By Score