Sway Bowmen’s Sponsor a Plank Scheme

A search for full funding support is now underway at Sway Bowmen Archery Club with various applications made for funding support from national and local sources.

sponsor a plank

The target of £150,000 for the building of a new Clubhouse is the goal for the club.

The club has already put aside £15,000 of own funds, to start the process and has most recently received further support from the Parish Council - £400 and from Mr Barry Rickman our local NFDC councillor a further £600 under the individual councilor grant scheme.

The Club now wants to start a new scheme available to all, as we consider construction and materials to be used. This scheme is to be called:

Sponsor a Plank

The club is inviting club members past, present and those from the area interested in the club and its future to take part and sponsor us.

To be constructed of a modular system, there will be many timber parts used in the construction of the clubhouse.

Would you like to put your name to one of these and sponsor us?

Sponsorship details:

  • Short Plank: £10
  • Long Plank: £20
  • 1 Short & 1 Long Plank: £30
  • Family option: £40

What do you get in recognition?

  • Our huge thanks and appreciation

  • When complete the clubhouse will have a display in the main meeting area with all sponsors names noted as worthy contributors to the new building.

Be sure when making your donation you sign up to or confirm gift aid this will add another 25% to the value of your donation.

A great idea? If you think so then sign up and donate, we’ll be holding some open days at the club during the spring and summer months, come along and we’ll be happy to show you our plans and demonstrate shooting!

Sway Bowmen - a great local club, a great place to make friends!