Hello to all - great news.

It's been confirmed today that Sport England will be supporting us with funds of £90,000. The following script is to appear in the A&T in early September, so watch out for the news item and take a look at what it's done to our thermometer on the website!!

And don't forget, whether it's £10, £20 or £40 it's dead easy to sponsor a plank.

Sway Bowmen get great support from Sport England.

Sway Bowmen who are raising money for a new clubhouse have just had notice of a huge injection of funds from Sport England, who confirmed at the end of August that £90,000 has been awarded to the project, this brings the total of funds raised to  £107,424.

With further applications made for the balance of funding required to meet the £150,000 target, the club is now in a position to consider the start of the build process which is likely to commence in the new year.

Simon Curtis - club chairman, confirmed the news to the A&T and noted that the support from Sport England has been critical to the success of the project and will hopefully encourage others to make donations. " A new clubhouse is so important to the future health and development of the club; allowing us to grow and retain membership and at the same time offering secure, quality facilities which will allow members to be coached in the winter months and to have a proper meeting aand social facilities all year round in a comfortable environment."