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New Clubhouse

Sway Bowmen Fund Raising Target for a New Clubhouse

This new feature to our website is to inform all club members past and present of the work the club is doing to raise funds for the new clubhouse.

The information here is also available to those who don’t know the club but might be interested in supporting the club with a donation.

We want to make a difference to the facilities at the Club and a new clubhouse will allow us to develop the club facilities for existing and new members.

new clubhouse

Our Target is: £150,000

We will add news below on a regular basis as funds develop

What this will give us: A clubhouse to replace the three existing portacabins, 19M x 7.5M in total area, this will incorporate a secure garage and storage facility to the rear of the unit with an area 15M x 7.5M at the front which will include toilet and kitchen facilities with wheelchair access. This increased size will allow the club to provide indoor coaching and training facilities during the winter months, when it is often impossible to shoot outdoors.


For past and present members and indeed to non members, the new clubhouse will be in a similar position to the existing units.

Sway Bowmen is a CASC – Community Amateur Sports Club.

This gives us certain tax advantages when it comes to fund raising

We are currently pursuing various fundraising routes, these include Gift aid, and Easy funding.

  • Gift Aid

    The club is able through gift aiding in conjunction with HMRC to claim 25% relief on all contributions/donations made to the club, this does not include membership but does include such items as the monthly standing orders that individual members make for shoot for gold.

    We intend asking all club members to sign up to gift aid to allow us to maximize these returns, which we can back claim on up to a period of 4 years.

  • Easyfundraising

    How much of your shopping do you do online? The club is now registered with the Easyfundraising scheme, over 3.500 retailers are a part of the scheme. All you have to do is start your online shopping at Easyfundraising, noting who you want to support and then shop as normal. The retailer then makes a small donation to our cause as a little thank you. Sainsbury’s, M&S, Amazon to name a few of many. Give it a try it! It’ll bring funds to the club.

  • Other Funding

    We are in the process of making application to the larger funding groups, such as Sport England and Environmental grant funding.

  • Personal Donation

    Sway Bowmen have been in existence since 1985 and over the last 33 years have had many members, past and present who have enjoyed the sport for its inclusiveness, the very friendly atmosphere within the club and the opportunity of a competitive environment.

    Do you want to give something back? Donations towards our target from individuals would be most welcome. If you are considering this, then contact Simon Curtis in confidence on 07527 669361.

As funds develop we will be posting details of on this website and using local media to inform on progress.

It’s a start – watch this space – more opportunities to raise money and to get involved will come!

Clubhouse Funding - Great News

Hello to all - great news.

It's been confirmed today that Sport England will be supporting us with funds of £90,000. The following script is to appear in the A&T in early September, so watch out for the news item and take a look at what it's done to our thermometer on the website!!

And don't forget, whether it's £10, £20 or £40 it's dead easy to sponsor a plank.

Sway Bowmen get great support from Sport England.

Sway Bowmen who are raising money for a new clubhouse have just had notice of a huge injection of funds from Sport England, who confirmed at the end of August that £90,000 has been awarded to the project, this brings the total of funds raised to  £107,424.

With further applications made for the balance of funding required to meet the £150,000 target, the club is now in a position to consider the start of the build process which is likely to commence in the new year.

Simon Curtis - club chairman, confirmed the news to the A&T and noted that the support from Sport England has been critical to the success of the project and will hopefully encourage others to make donations. " A new clubhouse is so important to the future health and development of the club; allowing us to grow and retain membership and at the same time offering secure, quality facilities which will allow members to be coached in the winter months and to have a proper meeting aand social facilities all year round in a comfortable environment."

Clubhouse Funding

 Great News

 The club has just been advised by the Hampshire Playing Fields Association that we have been allocated a grant of £1,000 towards the cost of the Clubhouse - so funds so far stand at £17,000!

Sponsor a Plank  - do you have a spare £10, £20 or even £40? it's a great cause, can you help us?

Easy Funding - don't forget, every time you go on line to buy something, go through the Easy Funding Portal and what ever you buy, a small contribution to the club is made by the retailer that you buy from. It's easy to forget, but so easy to remember and have that contribution made.

 Watch this space, there'll be more to follow.

Fundraising Update - April 2019

Hello to All

Here's the latest information on our fundraising activities for the new Club House.

ALWAYS HAVE A LOOK at the website it shows where we're at:

At the recent committee meeting of the 1st April, the committee unanimously agreed to contribute £15,000 of club funds to the project - great news -  it demonstrates the clubs commitment to the project.

The "Sponsor a Plank" scheme is now up and running - its available on the front page of our website and you can donate on line - don't forget to maximise your donation by using the gift aid option - remember any one can sponsor us -  you, your family, your friends.

Don't forget Easyfunding - you only have to register the once and link yourself to Sway Bowmen. Thereafter, every time you go online to do some retail therapy, the retailer makes a small donation to our cause. Its simple and easy ( Ha Ha ) and it doesn't cost anything, but it adds to our funds! There are over 3500 retailers in this scheme. Remember to go through the easyfunding site each time to buy something

  • Watch out for the next Archery GB edition we hope to have an article in there on our project.

  • Watch out for the next edition of the Lymington Times, we will have more stuff in there.

  • Watch the Thermometer on the website our funds are growing.

  • Watch out for news from Sport England we should have an indication in mid May from them if they are interested in supporting our project.

But whatever you do, keep an eye on the website and newsletters this is where the information will be.



New Sway Bowmen Club House